Non Slip Velvet Premium Quality Clothing Hangers


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  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 16.30 Inches
  • Color:  Pink
  • Brand: Datalatt
  • Package: 50 Pcs

The Datalatt Home pink flocked velvet hangers are durable and sturdy, designed to hold large and heavy pieces of clothing. It’s stronger and much more lighter than wooden hangers, but much sturdier to hold heavier and bulkier clothes without bending. These hangers are a great choice for suits, coats, skirts, shorts dresses, sweaters, pants, belts, ties, shawls, thin-strap shirts, tanks, women’s undergarments, camisoles, and all your winter clothes. The Datalatt Home flocked velvet hangers feature a nonslip and supreme soft luxurious velvet feel instead of plastic or metal. It holds clothes without falling or sagging and leaves your clothes crease and wrinkle-free. The contour shoulders prevent the widening of the neck and clothes from slipping off the gentle yet firm non-slip surface hanger. Flocking also does not shed or fade onto your clothes, leaving your clothes looking as fabulous as the day you hung them. Why do our hooks swivel? Each Datalatt Home flocked velvet hanger has a nut at the bottom of the hook so it can rotate 360 degrees by a simple twist without dropping out. The designed swivel hooks enable you to sort through your clothes easily no matter which direction they hang. The swivel hooks are securely attached to the clothes hangers, so you can hang heavy clothes and the hooks will not snap off or break. The Datalatt Home Flocked Velvet hanger has a 0.2″ thickness, making these velvet hangers slim and sleek while you double-maxize and organize your closet space.

Weight 6,00 lbs
Dimensions 16,30 × 0,25 × 9,25 in







50 Pcs


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